Why I find the whole idea of popular music frustrating…

Hi, it’s me again! Yep, you heard me; I’m thirteen and detest the whole idea of pop music and the industry in general. Today, I will be talking about how the music industry targets pop music at the younger age group and how this has a negative effect on me.

As a tennager, I am meant to enjoy and love pop music, as that’s just how society works. The younger generation goes with the trend or most popular fashion or music. I mean that’s the way it is, right? We should just accept that? No, we shouldn’t. It’s almost definitely wrong.

The reasons why this is wrong is because this is just another way society and media influence younger people. We should just be able to choose the music we like without being drawn into the celebrities and dazzle of the pop industry. If you actually like to listen to pop music then that’s fine too, but for people like me who have a different taste in music that is seen as out of trend and weird then it’s not okay.

The idea for this post came to me after my friend said my taste in music was weird and no one was really like me. It didn’t hurt my feelings though, as I always scoff at the fact she’s a One direction fan. It’s just the way it is.

If you were wondering, my taste in music is actually not that “out-there”. I am just made to feel that it is as I’m living in a world of pop loving teens. I really like inde-rock. I absoloutely love the drums and the sound of guitars and my favourite band is The Strokes (if you haven’t already go check out their music on Spotify). the-strokes

The problem is that none of my friends know who they are  and think I’m strange for liking them. This is why pop music frustrates me so much. It causes peoples taste in music to be narrow-minded and to not appreciate other types of music. I like and listen to pop as well as many other styles of music, which is the way it should be.

I also like other bands, like the Arctic Monkeys, which I know is a more popular band as well as Catfish and the Bottlemen, but you get my point!




Anyway, I can safely say that media and the image of pop influences teens more than ever before and that the youth of today should appreciate all genres of music, even if it isn’t the most popular.

LivLife xx

To teenage girls, I get you

Hi, to everyone reading this. If you haven’t read my about page yet, which I advise you do, my name is Olivia, but you can call me Liv. I am a thirteen year old girl who just wanted to start a blog. I was on my laptop looking at  ZOEVA brush sets that I will probably never end up buying. I mean lets face it, they are grossely expensive. Then, I felt all motivated and productive (doesn’t happen very often) and I thought: “Hey, why don’t I start a blog?”. So, here I am.

I am a really chatty person, so I want this blog to have a chatty vibe. I don’t want to over think what I’m writing about, so it’s more like I’m just talking, as I’m good at that. So. I apologise for the disorganisation and spelling errors! I plan to write about makeup products in future posts and talk about the music I like and bands I plan to see. A bit random, but meh, I am random!

This blog is specifically targeted at people my age, so teenage girls.This is because we all share similar problems and can relate to each other. I hope this blog will provide you with info on fashion, beauty and fitness. As someone who is rubbish at sport, I would like to have heard advice and inspiration from someone who enjoys sport without being overly good at it. I believe that every one should be able to play sport no matter what their ability. Anyway, that’s for another post!

I hope this gave you an idea of my blog and who I am and you will continue reading my future posts.